Edoardo Molinari Golf Academy

Our instructors are experienced with working with any level of golfers, from beginners to professionals. We aim to provide the best possible experience for all golfers and we can customize our lessons as much as you may need to. If you don’t find exactly what you need, send us an email from the “Contact Us” section above and we will be able to deliver exactly what you ask for.

At the end of every private lesson longer than 30 minutes or any group activity with us, you will receive a video summary of your lesson as well as a few drills specifically designed by Edoardo Molinari to help you with your game. Also, we will show you some practice routines, specific to what you need to work on, that you can easily replicate by yourself to improve your game more effectively.

Private Lessons

All of our private lessons include the use of Titleist ProV1X balls.If you want to have exclusive and full-time access to our swing studios and innovative technologies, please remember to book them as an add-on to your lesson at the time of booking. Otherwise it will depend on availability, but you surely don’t want to miss out on this!.

Long Game:

work on your full shots with one of our instructors and improve your game from tee to green using our state-of-the-art swing studio and innovative technologies.

Short Game:

spend some time in our short game area and learn how to get up and down from every possible situation around the greens.

Bunker Special:

if you are struggling from the bunkers we will explain to you how to make sure to get the ball close to the hole every time and save a lot of shots.


work on your putting stroke in our modern indoor putting studio or spend some time on the putting green learning how to read putts and hit them with the right pace.

Playing Lesson:

get on the course with one of our pros to improve your scores without changing your swing. All our instructors previously played on various Tours in Europe and they’ll explain to you how to have a sound strategy as well as some simple tips that will save you a lot of shots starting from your next round of golf!.

Club Fitting Specials

All of our club fitting sessions include the use of Titleist ProV1X balls and exclusive access to our state-of-the-art Club Fitting Studio. We also have a Club Fitting Lab at your disposal for any major fitting, building and/or repairing of any golf clubs.

Club Fitting:

if you are looking to buy new clubs or if you simply want to check that you are getting 100% out of your equipment, spend time with our expert club fitter! He will adapt your equipment to your swing and you’ll see lower scores immediately!

MOI Club Fitting:

a revolutionary club fitting method that measures all the characteristics of your favourite club in the bag and matches all the other clubs to that one. Swinging a 4 iron will be as easy as your pitching wedge!

Customize Your Clubs:

have your initials, your kids’ names, your favourite football team or anything else you like stamped on the back of your clubs, even in your favourite colour! Your club will be more unique and personalized than ever!

Optimize Your Distances:

our expert club fitter will tell you exactly how far you hit every club in your bag, if you need to make any changes to your equipment to fill any distance gaps and you’ll leave with a simple yet effective sheet with all your carry numbers to make sure that you’ll always hit the right club!

Edoardo Molinari Golf Academy Specials

At the Edoardo Molinari Golf Academy we have some unique activities that can find only here with us as well as other more common activities that we run with higher standards than anywhere else!.

TrackMan Events:

surprise your clients, guests and players by recording their
swing on the first tee and then send each one of them a branded video with their TrackMan numbers and a specific drill directly from Edoardo Molinari.

Team Building Day:

reward your employees with a team building experience in a golf environment. They will learn the basics of golf, how to swing a golf club and play a few holes with our pros regardless of their previous golfing level. If your employees already play golf we can organize various activities that will make them enjoy their golf more than ever and build a stronger relationship in the office!.

Know Your Game:

test every aspect of your game using our innovative practice facilities and revolutionary testing protocols and learn what is your potential hcp and where you need to work on your game to get to the next level and achieve your goals!

A Day Like A Pro:

you will experience a full day with a coach by your side and you will replicate the training sessions of the best players in the world.

Molinari Experience:

let your clients or yourself spend a full day with Edoardo at Royal Park I Roveri! Warm up on the range alongside him, let him help with your swing and after lunch enjoy 18 holes with a Ryder Cup player at Royal Park I Roveri. Finish the day with a cocktail on the terrace and a signed gift from Edoardo. An experience of a lifetime for any golfer!.

Junior Program

We have one of the best Junior Programs in Italy for all kids, from 6 years old up to 21 years old. The Junior Program is included in the membership fee of Royal Park I Roveri and our instructors are experienced and certified to work both with young kids who are just making their first steps in the game as well as teenagers who aim at winning junior events and want to turn pro.

Younger kids up will have the chance to spend more than 6 hours a day on weekends with instructors and nannies and they will play some golf as well as spend time in the swimming pool and enjoy other sports and outdoor activities to fully develop their motor skills from a young age. We will organize competitions for them from a young age but at the same time we will make sure that they willl earn to fully enjoy their golf.Once they start to play golf competitively, they will be able to focus more on their golf related skills, with an extra two hours of weekly instruction on Wednesday afternoon. They will also have access to a fitness instructor, a club fitter, a biomechanics’ expert and they will use the latest technologies of the Edoardo Molinari Golf Academy to have the chance to become the best golfer they can be.

Group Lessons

You will find the schedule of the group lessons in the booking page calendar as well as in our blog page. If you want to spend time with a group of friends or meet new people while working on your game this is the perfect service for you!.

Themed Golf Clinics:

we organize golf clinics to work specifically on one part of your game together with your friends. You’ll improve your game and have great fun at the same time!

Off-Season Golf Clinics:

get away from the cold winter weather and enjoy some
golfing holidays with your friends in exclusive destinations accompanied by one or more of our instructors. In the summer you’ll have the chance to play some of the best links courses in Europe guided by an experienced professional player to teach you the secrets of links golf.

Elite Players

Our instructors played on various professional Tours across Europe and Asia and they can offer advice to any aspiring young professional or elite amateur to help him reach his goals. Technique is important at this level, but even more so is an appropriate tournament schedule, practice routine, mental training and everything else that we call Performance Coaching. Also, players in the Elite Program will have full access to all of the Edoardo Molinari Golf Academy’s facilities and technologies to make sure they get the most out of their training routines.

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