Mission and Goals

The Mission

“Ever since I became a professional golfer, I spent a lot of time travelling around the world and I had a lot of time to reflect. I often thought that one day I would have liked to pass on everything that I learned in over 30 years of playing golf, nearly 15 of those as a professional at the highest level, to all those golfers who didn’t have the opportunity to spend so much time playing this great game.

I’ve been lucky enough to play on the most beautiful and challenging golf courses in the world, I got to know and to work with the best instructors in the game, I played all the biggest tournaments in five different continents and I’ve had many wins and a few setbacks. Nearly every week I played a pro-am with some sponsors’ guests and those amateurs often had a great time and enjoyed some memorable moments. However after every round I also thought that I could have helped them so much more at improving their golf if I would have had access to some great facilities with a well-prepared staff. Day by day the idea of opening a golf academy started to grow in me, but I wanted a golf academy different to anything else, one that could represent my values as a person, one that could help me to pass on my experiences as a tournament player to amateurs and young golfers and, more than anything else, one that could help any golfer enjoy the game even more.

My greatest belief is that everyone in golf can keep learning and getting better regardless of their age and level of play.Once the idea of the academy was born though, I had to find the right conditions to build my first Edoardo Molinari Golf Academy. I needed an ambitious and forward-thinking person who was willing to invest into this project, a golf club near my house to be able to keep an eye on the developments of the academy while still playing professional golf and finally a group of well-prepared teaching pros who believed in this idea and were happy to collaborate with myself. I feel very lucky then to have found in Andrea Agnelli, in Royal Park I Roveri Golf Club and in the teaching professionals that I selected the ideal team to start my academy in 2019. My dream is that in the near future the members and the sponsors of Royal Park I Roveri will embrace the Edoardo Molinari Golf Academy as a great opportunity.”

Goals of the Academy

  • Offer the best possible service  to the members of Royal Park I Roveri and the sponsors and clients of the Golf Academy
  • Provide state-of-the-art facilities to make sure that golfers of all abilities, from Tour pros to beginners, will make the most of their practice sessions and enjoy themselves while they improve their games
  • Help kids become the stars of the future by having fun and growing their passion for the game
  • Give companies the chance to host exclusive events for their clients directly with Edoardo Molinari
  • Become a reference Golf Academy for young golfers, elite amateurs and Tour professionals in Italy and Europe
  • Become a valuable asset for Royal Park I Roveri, its members and its sponsors
  • Make sure that anyone that will spend time with the Golf Academy will have a unique and unforgettable experience

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